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The future depends onwhat you do in the present
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Services Provided

Offering Convenient Concierge Psychotherapy in the comfort of your home and on your time Schedule.

Skype pyschotherapy sessions  also available.

Providing Individual, Children, Adolescents and Couples & family counseling.
Treatment specialization includes:

My Specialties:

  Depression and anxiety

  Trauma reduction and resolution

  Couples therapy

  Children-behavioral issues and Parenting Support


  Art Therapy

  Family therapy

  Parenting concerns

  Relationship issues


  Normal developmental life transitions

  Sexual abuse survivors

  ADD and ADHD

  Stress management

  Weight Loss Management

  Emotional management

  Chronic Illness and Grief Counseling Support

  Sexual Dysfuntions

  Mind/body therapies

  Energy psychology

  Solution-focused goal oriented therapies

  Cognitive behavioral therapies (CBT)

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